Are you ready to write your book?

Do you want to get started on your book in a quick and highly effective way? Come join me for a one day VIP program! 


Join Me

Are you ready to write your book?

Do you want to get started on your book in a quick and highly effective way? Join me for a one day, VIP workshop!

Join Me!

Sacred Writing is powerful and life changing.

This is why teach people how to bring their books into this world.

Sacred books.

And I want to help you bring your sacred writing into this world so it can have a major impact on YOU and the world.

When you learn how to spiritually write your book, the writing will become easier. You will watch the words flow from your fingertips with power and light.

But learning my tools doesn’t actually mean that you will write your book.

The truth is, there is a lot of resistance, and self- doubt that holds an author back from writing their book.

That is where healing comes in and supports you as an author.

I have found that the combination of healing + sacred writing tools is what creates the extraordinary results.

This is what I will be teaching you in my Sacred Writing Accelerator Workshop!

Write Your Sacred Book at our VIP Day!

Scared Writing Practices

Beautiful resources and tools that you're going to love using.

Healing Process

To clear out self-doubt and resistance that is keeping you stuck.

Writing & Coaching

A sacred container to write your book and an opportunity for LIVE coaching with Keira.

The Sacred Writing Accelerator Workshop

Join this amazing workshop to get a jump start on writing your book!










I invite you to join me in my  2.5-hour workshop that will guide you through a powerful transformation of sacred writing + healing work.

You will be led through this  workshop with Keira LIVE via zoom.

You will be led through:

  •  Sacred Writing Practices
  • A healing process to clear out self-doubt and resistance
  • A sacred container to write your book
  • An opportunity for coaching with Keira

This workshop is customized to fit the needs of the authors who sign up.

When you leave this workshop, you will feel:

  • Clear on what you are writing
  • Old patterns of quitting, distraction and fear will be cleared out
  • You will have new tools that will activate your writing process

 ...And so much more.

Join me my upcoming Sacred Writing Accelerator Workshop 5.25.22

I want you there because…

Your message is important.

This book is deeply needed.

And when you can clear out the blocks that are in the way of your book coming through while using sacred writing tools, magic happens… every time!

Your book will be completed with ease.

And when it is, you will be liberated while your book liberates every reader who finds it!

Spend 2.5 hours with me...

And walk away with clarity, tools and progress with your book!

I am so excited to see you soon!