Is there a message in your soul asking you to write it into a book, but not sure what that message is yet?

Discover how to write your book with ease, publish it quickly, and transform lives - everywhere

Does this sound like you?

  • When you sit down to write, your mind goes blank and writer’s block hits?

  • The kids, work and a million other things always take priority, pushing the writing of your book to the back burner?

  • When you do manage to carve out some time, the smallest distraction pulls you out of your creative zone?

  • You’ve been wondering, “Am I really cut out for this?” “Is what I have to say valuable?” “Does anybody care?”

  • You have so many ideas you don’t know where to start or how to organize them in a coherent way?


What if writing your book could be easy?


  • You sit down to write and the words flow freely from your fingertips.
  • Having the ability to immediately enter a flow-state on command so you can write anytime and anywhere.
  • Writing with ease and joy as your thoughts flow perfectly from your mind to the page.
  • Typing the last period of the last sentence of your book and pausing to relish in your accomplishment - You did it! The book is done!
  • Opening the Amazon box and holding the first copy of your published book between your hands, fresh off the press! 



I'm Keira Poulsen, Sacred Writing Coach and Founder of Freedom House Publishing Co.

  • I am a book medium- here to bring world wide transformation through powerful books
  • I support leaders, change-makers, healers and speakers channel their books with quickness and ease!
  • I help leaders write and receive sacred books to transform humanity!
  • I am the founder of Freedom House Publishing Co. A publishing house dedicated to only publishing books that bring healing, light, transformation and expansion to the world!

Introducing: Awakening Authors, the Mastermind 

In this Mastermind you will learn how to tap into a flow state on command, write your book with ease and publish in only 3-6 months!

This Mastermind is FULL support, coaching, tools, sacred writing processes, healing codexes, transformation and the publishing of your book!

Below are a few testimonials from authors who have worked with Keira:


Nicole McBeth:

Lindsey Bryant

Lindsey Bryant

Working with Keira not only expedited the completion of my book, but helped me to create momentum in all other areas of my life. I joined Keira's Mastermind the beginning of December and was finished writing my book April 14th. This was the first book I've ever written. Keira's methods and processes are priceless in teaching the art of receiving revelation and abundance. Her natural gift is to unlock messages you didn't know were being stored in your body. There were instances just being around her and not even talking about books that I received downloads from the divine to write. The energy of a group working towards a common goal was another aspect of being a part of the Mastermind that assisted me. The group all working towards a common goal of writing a book sped up the delivery of miracles and information as I worked on my book. If you're wanting expert guidance throughout writing your book alongside receiving the support you need, Keira is the coach for you! I'm so grateful for her commitment to restoring sacred writing one author at a time. I highly recommend her to anyone who tells me they're wanting to write a book.


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What You Receive from the Mastermind Experience:


Publishing of One Book 100% Covered:

  • Professional Editing
  • Custom Front and Back Cover Created
  • Copyright + Library of Congress 
  • Professional Formatting of your book
  • Book professionally created and published
  • All rights belong to you as the author
  • Book Best Seller Plan
  • 3 month Book Launch structure and support


Weekly Coaching Sessions for 6 Months

  • Two hours of group coaching a week for 6 months
  • Access to Evan Carmichael's Mastermind: Movement Makers 
  • Get support with your book, learning how to channel, and receive your book with ease!
  • Experience healing codexes to clear out the self-doubt, fear and writer's block
  • Get free access to Keira's VIP Sacred Writing Workshops!

Access to Keira's Digital Library

You will have access to all of Keira's created content and any NEW content she creates while you are in the mastermind! Some are:

  • The 90 Day Sacred Writing Accelerator
  • The Spiritual Entrepreneur Program:
  • How to Launch a Podcast
  • How to Create Digital Courses
  • How to Structure Your Book
  • The Awaken Program, a daily healing practice
  • and MORE!

BONUS for joining the Awakening Authors, the Mastermind Experience!

When you join this mastermind, you will also have the opportunity to work with  Evan Carmichael!! 

Keira and Evan create the Dream Team for you and your book.

Keira will support you in channeling your book, clearing out the obstacles that are in the way of your book and bring your book to the world through publishing with Freedom House Publishing Co.

Evan is a genius at growing your presence and social platform in the world. He brings the magic of how to share your powerful book in the world!

How it works:

  • Coach with Keira to channel your book with Sacred Writing and Healing Codex Sessions
  • Publish with Freedom House Publishing Co.
  • Join Movement Makers with Evan Carmichael, to grow your YouTube and social presence in the world


 Sacred Writing is...

Learning how to channel your book through instead of figuring out what to write. 

Training your mind and body to know how to step into the flow state of channeling at anytime and anywhere. 

Bringing powerful NEW information to the world through inspiration and writing.

Healing Codexes are..

Healing sessions that are designed to support you, as an author create breakthroughs and write your book with ease. 

These healing codexes are what create the momentum you need as an author of extraordinary work!





It's TIME to change the world!

Are You Ready?

When you join the Mastermind, you will be held in this powerful container, which allows you to truly rise as the extraordinary leader that you are!

It is time. 

Time for YOU to teach, write, share, and make a massive difference- to a larger audience.

A book will pave the way for this work ahead. 

My life has been blessed since meeting Keira and working with Freedom House Publishing. I’ve written and published two books (The Exceptional Life R-Evolution and Fiercely Cherished Beings) and I am working on a children’s book and Evolving Workplaces book, both coming out fall 2022!  While in the mastermind, I left the corporate world, created my dream life, and started a business I love Evolving to Exceptional – which is all about helping people evolve to live their best life possible at work, home, and in their communities! I am filled with joy everyday while helping workplaces evolve to create better lives for their people and helping people evolve into peak performance!

 Jessica Tietjen

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Are you ready to liberate the book that is INSIDE of you AND change the world?

In this Mastermind- You will learn  tools and practices that allow you to RECEIVE your book, instead of trying to write it. 

You will RISE in your gifts and share the message in your heart.

You are fire. 

You are a change-maker.

You are brilliant beyond measure.

And it is finally your time.

Time to write the wisdom that is held within your heart.


The world needs your voice, your fire, and this message in your heart. 

Humanity needs more light in accessible ways.

And YOUR message will change someone’s life.

I believe that right now- there is someone praying for support, for guidance, or for the next step in their life.

And the message that is in YOUR heart is THAT answer.

So it is TIME. 



Join Us!

Being a member of Keira’s mastermind is like joining a community of unconditional love and support. In less than a year I have one book published, another almost complete, and two more in progress. Keira has supported me through transitions and launching a new business. You’ll never regret joining this mastermind - worth every single penny!!!

Jessica T.

"I never intended to write a book, but once the inspiration came in to do so, I got to work. Each morning, I would only spend about 2 hours in deep focus on channeling words. It was one of the smoothest, easiest, and most rewarding projects I have ever done."

- Cami E.                                               

Channeling your book will transform you. 

This book will be a gift to you. 

 And when you publish it and send it into the world, this book will change lives - everywhere.


Working with Keira has allowed me to see parts of myself that I haven’t recognized before. She shares her knowledge with great enthusiasm and love for all. What drew me to her is her genuine and authentic way of being in this world. Since working with her I’ve been inspired to show up in ways I have never done before. Recently I’ve just opened up my own business, co-authored in a collaboration book and learning to truly embrace my gifts.                           -Valerie B.

"In less than a year, I have one book published, another almost complete, and two more in progress!"

- Jessica T.